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Strong in technical support

Situated in the heart of Baarlo, Netherlands, ETEC Service & Engineering was co-founded by Evert Jan De Kruyf and Koen Keunen in 2009. Focusing on design, support, project and maintenance, we link many mechanical engineers to Industrial automation. We link not only construction bench workers, TIG-MIG-Mag welders, work planners, but also assembly technicians to companies that are looking for technical support. Also, being familiar with many specialties and branches. We engineer & manufacture machines for food and paper industry, bakery lines and vinyl manufacturing factories.

We can produce the following items for the Vinyl Stamper Production:
· Wet bench in several different configurations
· Silvering booth with or without a linear arm
· Pre-Plate
· 2 Cell electroforming system
· Cleaning and passivation unit
· All other wet equipment that can be used in the electroforming department
· Refurbishment or up-grade of used equipment
· Sales of used and refurbished equipment




When all think alike, No one’s thinking. Technology and innovation run deep in our blood. Hence, when others stop, we come in. We believe in experimenting and doing all the new things which makes us different.


Our team works very hard, smart and efficiently to deliver what our clients ask for. We believe in giving quality with consistency which makes us stand unique. We have a record of delivering the best product consistently on time.


We take pride in saying that we deliver products that are made with precision. With machines, that are made to a very accurate and exact standard. You will get a Glance of these features in our products.

Perks for your purchase

With every single purchase, Our Experts can help you with the process to make the production more accurate and fast.

ETEC Work Flow

We at ETEC Service & Engineering B.V, based on our past experiences have made a comprehensive work flow as it helps to ensure a Project is executed with perfection. As soon as you entrust us with your needs and requirements, our team works with this potentially effective Work Flow

Design/ Innovation

Keeping your specific requirements and details precisely in mind, our engineers begin to outline the Technical project management from design to implementation. Designing and Optimizing smart (custom) machines and parts along with effective 3D production drawings using SolidWorks.


ETEC Service and Engineering works with SolidWorks. We cover all aspects of your product development process, with an integrated workflow: design, verification, communication and data management. Designers and engineers from different disciplines easily collaborate, for a shorter design cycle, greater productivity.


After the designing, Fabrications is done on the machinery. And only after proper testing and commissioning, the product is handed over to you.

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Meet the people behind ETEC

Koen Keunen

Managing director

Koen Keunen is Co-founder of ETEC Service & Engineering B.V. Koen has the role of managing director in the firm. He is fond of Gym and exercise. According to him a healthy brain and body work faster in all kind of situation. The CEO and co-founder of ETEC. Always thinking five steps ahead, Koen sees upcoming business trends with prophetic accuracy. He is ETEC’s customer success powerhouse. His ability to read between the lines is invaluable, too.

Karel Lepsi

Service & work planner

Karel brings in his decade of experience of construction and manufacturing industry. He is responsible for service and work preparations. From turning and idea into a product, through to launching products to the market. Karel offers enterpreneurs a tremendous oppurtunity to learn how to thrive and survive in new and developing market.

Mark Timmermans

Project Manager & Engineer

Mark also has a role of Project Leader / Engineer. Mark deftly juggles dozens of projects, manages the engineering team’s schedule, and keeps our clients gratified. He is very innovative and has his own ways of dealing problems coming his way related to design or engineering. He is an experience holder.

Roel Coenen

Project Manager & Engineer

Roel has the role of Project Manager / Engineer. He is a stock car racer. This talented engineer cum racer develops his car in ETEC Service & Engineering B.V. He is the persistent type, and hence can do anything to help our customers succeed. If you come across a great feature in our products, Roel was definitely involved. He outperforms himself every time on everything he gets his hands on.

Margriet de kruijf

Administrative Assistant

Margriet is there for you all day. She has the answer to every possible support question you might have.From invoicing to payment processing, Margriet follows up with clients making sure the cash keeps flowing and the lights stay on.

Lucien Marcussen

Waterjet Operator

Lucien is a water-jet operator. He works as a part-time employee. He is a house husband. He is very good with cards, you can see that when he plays poker. He is one of the oldest employees who are with the company.

Jaiveer Singh

Marketing & Communications

Jaiveer is the one-man army behind Marketing & Communications. He works on the company’s digital marketing, advertising, communications, brand, market research and international growth initiatives, expanding ETEC to new customers around the world and deepening engagement in our existing community. Jaiveer strives for excellence and having a thorough understanding of whole picture when it comes to marketing and business processes.

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Our Clients

We take pride in our work as our satisfied clients are the reflection of what we do.

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