A Productive cooperation between ETEC Service & Engineering and Optical Media Services(OMS)


Etec has joined hand with Optical media Services (Lou Wullms) to make the production faster and better. Optical Media Services is a company which has reputation to provide high quality services and products. OMS is widely focused on its niche.

We are providing the following services:

  1. Independent electroforming services to several independent Pressing Companies within Europe but also in Asia.
  2. Manufacturing NEW electroforming equipment for Vinyl production. Including know-how of electroforming and silvering process.
  3. Refurbish used and old electroforming systems used for Vinyl production.
  4. Rebuild used CD/DVD electroforming into 14” Vinyl electroforming systems. ( Please contact Lou Wullms before purchase such system, because some systems cannot be modified for 14” lacquers. )
  5. There is always the possibility to manufacture to customs requirement.

Contact us on for more queries:- [email protected]  

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