ETEC Engineering & Services made machinery for Vinyl Presents Ltd, United Kingdom


The Vinyl Presents Ltd is a full-service Vinyl Pressing Plant. According to Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Vinyl presents believe in every word he said. Therefore, taking that as their motto, Vinyl presents have been working for many labels so as to encourage music with culture and not to forget, a heritage. If we go back to the times, Vinyl records or LP records have been delighting listeners and collectors since the 1900s. Since RCA Victor launched the first commercial vinyl long-playing record in 1930, vinyl has continued to grow in popularity. But from 1988-1991, there was a continued decline in vinyl sales, with only collectors and audiophiles remaining loyal to the format. After decades of music being stored as mp3s and mp4s on computer hard drives, vinyl saw a resurgence in the late 2010s. January 2017 boasted the highest number of vinyl records sold since 1991. As ETEC Engineering and Services B.V. has a motto of Saving Culture and making Vinyl. We were more than happy to have made machines for Vinyl Presents Ltd. Recently, we have sold the brand new WB1- 1-4 Wet-Bench, SBV1- Silver-Booth with the automatic robot arm, PPV1- 4-Pre-Pre-Plate, EFS2- 200-Electroforming system to the company. The WB1-1-4 Wet-Bench is designed to do all the beginning steps to process the lacquers and DMM, SBV1-Silver-Booth with automatic robot arm designed for silvering the lacquers and de-silvering the stampers, PPV1- 4-Pre-Pre-Plate and EFS2- 200-Electroforming system contributing to Vinyl Pressing with absolute precision. For, Business-related queries, contact us – [email protected]