Another Feather on Our Hat by making EFS2-200-Electroforming system for Machang Music & Pictures, Seoul, Republic of Korea


The vinyl record production is booming in this modern era. And as the vinyl crackle is getting louder by the years, the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in vinyl. Probably the reason for this is that there still fewer firms and machine manufacturers which produce machinery for the vinyl records. While ETEC Service & Engineering B.V. having the experience of more than a decade knows how to thrive while the other firms are struggling for growth and production.

Recently, ETEC Service & Engineering has manufactured a brand new EFS2- 200-Electroforming system for the company Machang Music & Pictures, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The Electroforming system, specially designed for producing stamper for the production of the vinyl records. And to put a feather on our hat, the Machang Music & pictures are the only domestic Vinyl Factory in Korea with a 50-year old recording studio for analog recording. They specialize in vinyl starting from planning, designing, producing, and releasing the vinyl album. All the more contributing to introduce a better performing culture of vinyl and LP records. We at ETEC Service & Engineering B.V. make machines that are easy to use and are long-lasting with excellent engineering. ETEC is always here to serve people. Please do check out the other models we build on the website in our products section. Contact us for queries or deals – [email protected]

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